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Weekend Circling Intensives at the Circling Institute


The Circling Institute in Berkeley pic
The Circling Institute in Berkeley
Image: circlinginstitute.com

A life coach and relationship counselor based in Berkeley, California, Korenna Barto Reynard has worked as a core faculty member of The Circling Institute since 2016. In this position, Korenna Barto Reynard designs and leads workshops focused on Circling, a dynamic relationship practice that encourages authenticity and can create deep, meaningful connections.

To facilitate personal growth and improve intimate relationships, the Circling Institute offers consciousness-shifting weekend intensives that help participants cultivate authenticity, humanity, and happiness. When both partners feel seen and heard, relationships tend to flourish. Through group work and individual coaching by a team of expert facilitators, participants learn real-life skills such as how to identify emotions and how to express needs to their partners in a clear, specific way. Additionally, they learn how vulnerability and honesty can reduce tension in relationships, as well as deepen connection and understanding.

For more information about Circling or for dates and venues of the Circling Institute’s weekend intensives, visit www.circlinginstitute.com.