An Introduction to Circling


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The Circling Institute in Berkeley

An experienced helping professional, Korenna Barto Reynard has been coaching and counseling in northern California since the early 2000’s. Korenna Barto Reynard serves as a core faculty member at The Circling Institute in Berkeley.

Circling is an intensive spiritual experience that allows participants to see and be seen in an authentic way. It transforms a person’s way of relating by calling his or her attention to the present truth of interactions.

Through mutual sharing about these interactions, the participant begins to identify contrasts between his or her own self-perceptions and how he or she truly lives and behaves in relationship. These inconsistencies are often the places in which a person unknowingly creates distance with others. By illuminating this process and revealing a person’s truth, circling allows that individual to show up as his or her own self.

A Circling session starts as a group or facilitator focuses their non-judgmental and open attention on a participant. Their purpose is to connect and learn about the person by sharing their in-the-moment experience of the circle and by asking about what the participant is thinking and feeling.

Because Circling focuses exclusively on the present moment, it helps participants to let go of expectations and set ideas about who they are. This can reveal the truth that resides at a person’s core and create truly genuine connections. In some cases, these connections can be more “real” than any the participant has experienced.